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Your interest rates are out of control you charge me 35.99% interest for the loan plus you charge me everyday compounding interest you guys are a rip-off why don't you review it and start giving people a break you guys are absolutely ridiculous by the time it's all done I'll be paying over $13,000 for a $6,000 loan again you guys are ridiculous I wanted a little help to get me further long but you got me in debt now you sons of b******

Review about: Springleaf Financial Loan.

Reason of review: Pricing issue.

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APR is determined by YOUR credit reputation. Why didn't you get a loan from a bank, with a much lower APR?

Oh yes...I see...the bank's wouldn't do business with you! The daily rate is the extra interest YOU generate for them when YOU are late.

Another thing totally under your control! Since you won't like what I said and cannot provide a decent rebuttal, don't bother saying, "you must work for them"...because I don't!!!

to Anonymous #1367805

How mean can you be Anonymous? Some people are NOT able to get a loan from the bank for one reason or the other.

That doesn't make them bad, but it does put them at the mercy of people like OneMain who charge such high interest rates. But some of us have NO choice. I was pushed to this myself thanks to my ex who decided he didn't want any responsibilities and walked out leaving me with everything!!!

I had no choice when I needed to repair my car and trying to pay all this debt on my own, a bank loan was not in the picture. So stop being so hateful and have a little empathy for those of us who are apparently not at fortunate as yourself.

to cat #1432147

Obviously in the Animus is a trump supporter and a mick Mulvaney bend over buddy

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