We are having the worst time with this company. They are not fit to do business with hard working people.They are shady shysters, liers and cheats .

They think we all should go without food or any other needs to pay them. Open your eyes, we all have bills that have to get paid. Not just our mortgages. It seems odd that when you need a copy of a statement , they claim it is impossible.

Yet on the phone they can find any record THEY need. I commented : we should all stop paying them and see how long it takes to close there doors.We should show them how it feels to be broken down and on you last dime.

They are the worst company I have delt with and will refi at any cost asap. Come on America, How long are we going to put up with this!!!!

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Who wrote the above comments???? Obviously, employees of Springleaf.

Those employees are sick puppies!!!!! :(

to Sandy #579805

It is very obvious Spingleaf employees are commenting. Very sick puppies!


You know what? I bet you had nothing but good things to say about this company when they were the only place you could get help from.

It's so typical. I love how it's everyone one else's fault that you are in the situation your in.

Take some accountability for you actions and stop blaming others. They have always been there when I have needed them and I am able to talk to the same people when I have a question.

to credit police #579806

if you are an employee of Springleaf, you cannot blame anyone.


I agree with the above employee. It's funny how many customers claim they cant pay but you see them at the local fair or they come in wanting to pay less than a payment while talking about the cruise they went on 2 weeks ago.

It's scary how priorities have changed.

Then you have people like this complaining that she/he has other bills. I bet there was no problems such as this when Springleaf was giving them a check with their name on it!!!


"Yes we have clients that struggle as we all do but they have learned to budget" Really you sold me a loan, knowing I could afford it and my house appraisal should have never came in at just what we needed it. Housing dropped,jobs dropped, $ dropped but my interest on my loan hit the big money!

Time for you to find a real job and help people not work for a company like that. YOU ARE BETTER THAN THAT! I do budget and everyone is just trying to make it by. Yes, everyone jumped on the bandwagon, cause everybody is going through it or affected by it some way.

Stop readign your training guide and look out the window for a little while. No federal Bank bail outs for us!


As an employee everyone must understand there are 2 sides to every story. Yes we have clients that struggle as we all do but they have learned to budget and do what you have to (integrity) I would be rich if I had a dollar for every client that pulls up to pay a partial payment that was 5 months past due in a High Priced car.

Seems everyone has jumped on the bandwagon, no one else pays theirs why should I!!! Sad really :sigh

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