Stay away from this company - no matter how desperate you may be.Every negative review you read about them is true.

Springleaf financial is a predatory lender that charges up to 24 percent, plus, requires a copy of your (1) ID, (2) utility bill, (3) 2 pay stubs, (4) and information on six references. If you have a high debt ratio (even with a good credit score and regular payments), they will want you to give them the title to your automobile, along with your auto insurance policy, until the loan is paid. Also, one question they ask initially is if you have any life insurance. Scary thought!

So, stay clear of this company.

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Saint Petersburg, Florida, United States #856508

I agree.My friend died and they hold title to his car, which is worth more than the balance owed to them.

They are eating up the difference with administrative delays. They will not give any information on auction status.

Delay is their game.Another shyster outfit.

Charleston, West Virginia, United States #729709

HSBC sold their loans to Springleaf.HSBC/Beneficial talked me into an unsecured loan and explained nothing but just sign here.

I know I am *** but I only wanted a small loan to move my elderly mother and my mentally challenged bother. I was mailed a flier which would be illegal solicitation in my state. I paid HSBC more than $25000 and now I owe more than when I started. It was only a $15000 loan.

You would think that in over six years of paying you would at least make a dent in the $15000. Not so!!!!!! I had the payment taken out of my checking account so never paid attention. I could not believe what I saw when I finally checked.

I stilled owed the $15000 and I had already paid more than $25000.

Beware!!!!!!!!DO NOT take out a loan with either of these preditors they will ruin you.

Chesapeake, Virginia, United States #698031

I must admit, I needed a loan really bad b/c a major emergency came up.I already have an auto loan and a home improvement loan out with my credit union, so asking for a third loan with them is pretty much outta the question.

Now being in a desperate position, I looked into Money Mutual (Montell Williams' promotion) Talk about a true LOAN SHARK SCAM!!! This is just a cover-up for those tribal lending agencies that charge anywhere from 300%-800% that had to be paid every two weeks...Crazy! Now Springleaf used to be known as American General Finance, a pretty reputable company (for a finance firm anyway) and they approved me for $3,000 with a payment of $120 per month but they will take early payoffs and anything extra that you pay will be paid straight to the principal. Plus, if paid faithfully for 6mos, your credit can be increased if you like.

Really not bad for a finance Company!!! But if you don't pay people back, you SHOULD get what you deserve.

Easy and painless process...Oh and Money Mutual?Has been spamming the *** outta my email spam box!


:( Everybody- stay away from Springleaf Financial.They are a predatory lending company with no scruples.

I really hope that they go out of business or get nailed by the government.Those in control of the company should be really be embarassed being tied in with this company...


To Nothing Fishy Here....You are definately an employee of Springleaf.I am hoping that Springleaf gets caught up in a class action lawsuit and is forced to close all of their *** offices......Your comment "why is this company wrong for doing the job they are supposed to do"...is ***.

The motto of Springleaf "Lending made personal" is just that....if you screw up or get behind they will make the loan personal and cut your legs off like the mob.How more personal can you get.


:roll It only makes sense to ask for identification and in some cases, collatoral, if a loan is given. 24% is the going rate for people whose credit scores are low. The laws are clear that lenders can request collatoral, so why wouldn't they want the title to a car, or something like that?


sorry I agree with ...Written by nothing fishy here on April 14, 2012 From Woodbridge, Virginia, US


I agree with the above writer...


So let me get this straight.You say they are preditors which means they came after you but you sought them out for assistance, banks will no longer do these risky loans they have too many losses alredy.

So emergency money is made ava to assist people through difficult times so they are not forced to visit payday lenders and title loan companies that charge 100-200%. They ask for ID when giving you money, they have to show who you are, right? They ask for proof of income so they can justify the amount they are lending, sounds responsible right? If your debt ratio is really high and you are a high risk of filing BK it makes sense to ask for security so the chances of repayment are better, right?

As an adult if they see someone under insured they have a product to offer that will protect the cost from being passed on to your loved ones, which is a responsible thing to offer, right?

So why is this company wrong for doing the job they are supposed to do?:?

to nothing fishy here #726943

they have mastered the art of deception if that's the job you refer to and yes they do it well!

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