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I was offered a measly $8000 loan and had it almost paid off in 11 months and was offered another $1000 loan and I told them I didn't need it. I almost had the $8000 I borrowed paid off only one more month and I would have paid them back in full and only $23,742.39 in interest for a grand total $31,742.39 when I get a notice that my account still has a balance owed counting interest $36,596.78 and I looked over there clam it had 5 more account #'s attached to my contract account # and they were saying I took advantage of there $1000 loan offers every time it was offered to me and that was now my new balance and they would be willing to extend it out another 24 months as long as I agreed to keep paying on time and that would only add $3800 to interest I would have to pay and I was like I think not!!!!

Well needless to say come to find out someone within there office was getting these $1000 loans and attaching them to my account like I was getting them so now my credit is ruined and guy got big promotion for writing so many loans they gave him big office upstairs at there HQ's and now make gets lavish bonuses and drives company car and golfs all the frickin time and I cant even afford to sue him now cause this whole ordeal has put me in the poor house .

So long story short ! I wouldn't recommend anyone do business with these crooks!

Review about: Springleaf Financial Loan.

Reason of review: Not as described.

Monetary Loss: $53422.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

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I would have wanted to edit this post, but I'm sure it's clear enough.

Boston, Massachusetts, United States #1174085

I hope you're not paying these crooks. I'm sorry I just read about it.


Go to the CPFB; INITIALLY set up to help student loan borrowers but that's a lost cause. So Senator Warren and others are now hawking it to fight Pay day lenders, amongst other lawful loansharking.

The CFPB may be another resource.

Lastly, depending on your State find if your AG's Office has a department of consumer affairs.

Remember, any ambiguity in a contract will favor you, the contractee.


I accidentally pushed the "had a same issue button" a couple of times I didn't mean to


Wow I believe that this company was a respectful lender. I have try to a apply for a loan using collateral and spoke to three different people in three different days.

In which I got three different needs and wants now it's, we will call you back tomorrow.

I believe that this issue is the truth due to the unprofessional conduct these individuals are showing. This office is located in Fort Wayne, Indiana, in the south town crossing.

Evansville, Indiana, United States #886102

Springleaf Financial Services would like the opportunity to address your concerns. Please contact Springleaf‘s Executive Office of Customer Care at (800) 457-3741, ext.

5416 for assistance with this matter. - Springleaf Financial Services

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