I am going to make this short and to the point all the employees at 7546 Garners Ferry rd Ste 500E, Columbia SC 29209-2619 803 647-9989.All need to be released for cause of Poor Business relations with customers(starting with Katrina) the nastiest disposition with customers I've witnessed.

It's really bad when Spring leaf employees are coming to customers front doors as if they loan sharks(MOBSTERS) and coming to the break your legs if you don't have their money. I have received calls from Spring leaf employees personal cell phones (WOW never heard of that business practice before). That is pure harassment and maybe illegal.

Treating your customers with respect will get you your bottom your line(YOUR MONEY, which will keep you in business).

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Well I have never dealt with them.I am sure they are good and bad stories.

I am sure if you have bad luck, lose your job, or can't pay them they can get very pushy but so can every other creditor. I'm not going to belittle those who have had credit issues because I have had credit issues. In fact most in America do have credit issues. But why do folks let things go so far before they seek solutions.

If you can't pay your bills the creditors will only wait so long. You will be harassed, bothered, and called till the debt is satisfied in some legal fashion. That legal fashion does not always include paying the debt either. Of course that recourse should be a last resort but if you can't pay your bills what are you going to do just sit their and do nothing?

I never understand folks who just sit their with a mountain of debt and do nothing. Do you think these folks will just magically go away. You have lawyers, credit advocates, bankruptcy attorneys and all sorts of folks who can help but folks just sit their and do nothing. They don't pay their bills, they don't try to negotiate lower payments, they don't seek counseling from legitimate counselors and lastly when nothing else works they don't even seek the safety of bankruptcy.

Sure bankruptcy sucks and should be a last resort but it's not the end of the world. No one should ever seek bankruptcy unless it's a last resort but for christ sake if you can't pay your bills and seemingly never can I...

It's you who has failed to somehow find a solution to the problem. I do however take offense when folks treat you less than professionally. A creditor should never stoop to cussing you, belittling you, or threatening you with harm. If you are ever threatened with harm by a creditor report it to police.

If you are cussed or belittled report it to the office supervisor or even the company regional manager. That advice is for everyone customers or not.

If your treated unprofessionally don't sit their and take it.Good Day.

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As a customer, I have never had this problem.I pay my bills on time.

I have worked for three loan companies in the past and I have personally gone to customer's houses after the attempts with letters, phone calls, etc, have been unsuccessful. This is common practice with some companies and it is perfectly legal (especially if the loan is secured with collateral which the loan company has a legal right to). No different from the car company coming to your house and job to reposses your vehicle if you're behind on payments.

The Sandhills branch in Columbia, SC went above and beyond to get me financed.Thank you for a job well done.


I think each office has an employee named Katrina...Don't believe them when they give you their name...


I have been treated the same as a loan shark coming to collect for the mob boss here in Florida.


Wait till they start calling your neighbors after you have already spoken with Springleaf....


That is strange, I've never had problem with them. Oh wait, I pay may bills; do you think THAT has anything to do with it?


Shot the basstards , this is a real attention getter.............


I've gotten the same MOB tactics here in Indiana as well.They come to my house repeatedly, call me at work, on my cell, even call my husband repeatedly each day.

They refuse to leave without a check in hand.They are rude, pushy, and their business practices are harrassment.


I got my loan in Louisville KY - Jason and the entire staff were amazing. He really went the extra mile for me. I have had no annoying phone calls or house visits - - But then I have not missed any payments.

Dehra Dun, Uttarakhand, India #330804

I've had the same MOB tactics pulled on me

in Columbia,SC. Despicable people...One of

the cretons that called, asked if I could

borrow money from a friend...She threatened

me with a lien that would be put on my house.They have been to my house three times. After the last 'visit', I called

the police and Consumer Affairs for SC.They

cannot trespass on Private Property or make


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