I have had a loan with Springleaf for 3 years. I had my monthly payments to come directly out my bank account each month.

Last year I received a call from the branch in Douglasville, Ga informing me that they have been taking my payments out of someone else bank account. Now, based on my bank statements from Regions bank which is in my husbands name they were taking my payment every month. Now I owe them over 3000.00 for a 500.00 loan. My question, if they were taking my payments out of someone else account, wouldn't the other customer realized it before 6 months and wouldn't the company realize it.

I think something fraudulent is definitely going on. And in April of this year I made a payment on my account on April 28 2017 and they took it upon themselves to take another payment out on April 29.2017. I then called and requested a manager and the manger did inform that he has requested that a paper check be mailed to me and that it takes 30 days.

Today is June 9 2017 and I still have not received my money. I am going to get a lawyer.

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Replying to.... "I have had a loan with Springleaf for 3 years.I had my monthly payments to come directly out my bank account each month."

Don't YOU check your bank account each month??/ if they were taking the money out of someone elses account, would you not of noticed the money was not deducted from your account???

and three years have gone by and you never check the balance of your own bank account???? until you got a call from them???

to Dee #1367167

Don't you know that's the "American" way in this society? They have a checking account, they don't keep a register or written record of checks and debits, the never balance their account.

They have no clue of what the balance is because they never keep an on going, running balance. When they give themselves NSF fees, it's the bank's fault!

to Anonymous #1471356

I don’t have that problem. I don’t have overdraft to worry about nsf fees. By he way I do keep a running balance and always know exactly what is in my account.

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