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I want to thank Mr ken. who helped me to get a loan. For the past three months, I have been searching for a loan to settle my debts, everyone tried to dupe me of my money until I finally met Mr ken. He was able to give me a loan of $10,000 USD. He can also help you. He has also helped some other colleagues of mine. If you need any financial help, kindly contact his company through email: I believe he can help you.... Read more

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I call today to make my payment Maria answer the phone she was very rude try to make complane to Justine the manger he told me that he will back her up anytime my number is 2148702762

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Will never get my business!!!! I called Customer Service to see why my application was denied, could barely get a word in... Instead of her addressing my issues, she was too busy saying yeah yeah I'm sorry but you're not approved at this time...

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I had my power steering go out and I am a senior on a fixed income, so I had the car repaired and could not pay the monthly loan payment. They called, texted and e-mail me several times a day, I have spoken to them. They asked me to make a payment arrangement but when I did they would not accept it. They wanted it all at once, then why did you ask for an arrangement.??? Then I was told that she was sorry she had my loan in front of her, and... Read more

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These people are a deceitful! They claim to be able to give loans to people with bad credit, but that's misleading! I applied for a $2,000 loan and was approved for up to $4,000 with a car title. I told the representative I didn't have a vehicle under my name. The rep then said my wife could co-sign since my credit wasn't high enough. She made it seem that I would have a better chance of securing the loan if our credit scores and INCOME were... Read more

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Do not use these jackoffs. They will say your application was approved for a loan, tell you to come in with documents and completely waste your time. "Well we actually cannot give you the loan" total waste of time. This company bonked its head.

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I received an email saying my loan has been approved..funny thing is Ive never even heard of these people much less apply for a loan.i relied back to them to let them know I did not apply for a loan with then and that better not loan anyone money using my name. They will hear from my attorney if they do. I am so tired of the scams from these loan companies. I get these type of emails every other day. These people don't even give you an option to... Read more

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Springleaf Financial contacted me via a letter with an offer for a loan. I completed the loan application over online and I was notified that the loan was approved. When I contacted Springleaf to follow up. The representative took all of my information leading me to believe that I was being process for the loan based on being notified that I was approved. After fishing me for this loan, taking up my good time, and leading me to believe that I... Read more

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Even when your payment isn't late they call every single number provided to them starting at 8 a.m. leaving a message on each. If you do not call back, they call you at just before 9 p.m. and again leave a message. When you do return their call saying when you will make a payment, they still call. Nathan the office manager is rude. I have made it my goal to put my account in collections just to make him look bad. He needs to be replaced. I... Read more

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I had a loan 4 years ago with this company. Paid loan in full. Now 2016 I was just informed I have a hard inquiry on my credit from this company. I haven't even had contact since my loan was paid in full in 2014. Is this legal? Read more

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