Springleaf Financial - Never get a loan from Springleaf aka American General

They were called American General Finances when I started dealing with them but I guess they just changed their name to Springleaf. I guess because some marketing expert determined that the name "Springleaf" is a better one to deceive people into thinking they have better business practices than the MOB, which they do not. Their website makes them appear all warm and friendly and they have pictures of little girls with watermelons. Do NOT be fooled!! They are ruthless, vicious SOB's and they will harass the snot out of you if you are so much as two days late.

First off, if you really carefully read the papers they have you sign, which I did not, because like most of their victims, errrr I mean clients, I was in desperate need of a loan. But if you do really read them, which I did too late, they are some really intentense paperwork. AGF aka Springleaf is basically asking you to sell your soul.

So far I'm speaking in generalities so let me be more specific: Last summer I was on temporary unemployment. I knew in all likelihood I'd be able to have my job back in the fall so I called them and told them my situation, and asked if I could have make reduced payments until September. Of course they were all warm and friendly and nice about it on the phone, and agreed. Then September comes around and go back to the regular payments. A couple days after I made my payment I get a phone call from someone at American General who is not so nice and friendly. In a very rude tone, she says, "So, when are you going to pay the rest of what you owe us?" To which I say, "What do you mean?" And she says, "All we had was a verbal agreement for you to temporary pay us a reduced rate, but you still owe us the full amount." Of course they never told me this! They led me to believe I could pay interest only payments for a couple months and then just go right back to full payments. But instead, they were now telling me I owed them everything I was suppossed to have paid them over the summer PLUS my regular payments. I was a little rude back, because I was annoyed. "Listen! I don't have that kind of money! I was on unemployment for the summer! Where do you expect me to come up with this money?!" I said. She told me that I had to pay x amount by such and such a time, or there'd be consequences. I continued to send in my regular payment plus whatever extra I could afford and I received constant phone calls four or five times a day, all of which I ignored, because I didn't have anything left to say to them. I was paying what I could pay.

Before long, my employer is telling me my wages are being garnished by American General. Turns out they had gotten a judgement against me the year before when I was also having a hard time paying them. I had no idea there had been a judgement against me. I had received a summons from the court, called them immediately to work out a payment plan. They used my ignorance of the law and court procedure against me. They allowed me to believe that when I started paying them the court order would be dropped. Of course it was not. They got a judgement against me, which of course they never bothered to mention, and so later when I was not able to pay the full amount again, suddenly my wages are being garnished.

I am now almost finished with the wage garnishment. I will be so thankful to have American General out of my life forever. But I want to make it my mission in life to warn everyone STAY AWAY FROM SPRINGLEAF! THEY ARE THE MOB!!!!!

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Feb 04 #940826

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Feb 02 #939965 Pueblo, Colorado

i took out a loan 13 months ago for 3000.....paying 180 every month since then and i still owe over 3000....very disheartening...feels like i ll never get it paid off

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Mark Williams

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Dec 25, 2014 #920912

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Terresa T

Dec 24, 2014 #920421

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Dec 04, 2014 #911103 Los Angeles, California

They are a TERRIBLE company. Some lady named Heather will make you jump through a million hoops, asking for info on anyone in your family for a cosign. I had finaly had it and told them to stop calling. They are the defintion of the devil walking the Earth, and Heather is Beezelebub!

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Nov 16, 2014 #901031

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Oct 02, 2014 #878775

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Aug 23, 2014 #860379 Usaquen, Bogota

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happy consumer

Aug 16, 2014 #857233

I have been dealing with them for years and have had zero issues. I use them because I cant stand the hassle that I get from banks. I call them in the morning and by that afternoon I have the cash I want. The only calls I have ever gotten from them are very courteous thanking me for being a valued customer and asking if I would like more money. :) I guess when you honor your responsibilities things tend to go without incident.

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Aug 24, 2014 #860987 , Curaçao

Hello, who are they. And where could I reach them. Do you need to pay upfront fees?
Looking forward to your response.

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Jul 25, 2014 #845570 Manhattan, New York

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paul warburg

Jul 17, 2014 #842018

I have never seen so many inbred retards on one site in my life! thank god I do not need or use credit. if I need money for something, like a business I go to a financial backer with my financial statement, and once they see I know how to handle my assets with no liabilities, they are more than happy to become my partner. thank god I'm rich and smart!

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Jul 28, 2014 #847029

You are a despicable and awful person. AND a liar! If your dumb *** was rich you would not be reading reviews on loan companies. Loser!

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May 27, 2014 #820500

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miss monica

Jan 28, 2014 #779297

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pirex collins

Dec 21, 2013 #761963

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Mrs Lilient

Nov 28, 2013 #749122

Good Day Sir/Madam:

Getting a legitimate loan have always been a huge problem To clients who have financial problem and need solution to it. The issue of credit and collateral are something that clients are always worried about when seeking a loan from a legitimate lender. But.. we have made that difference in the lending industry. We can arrange for a loan from the range of $2,500. to $500,000.000

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Mrs. Lilient Itua
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Ms Pissed

Nov 14, 2013 #742659

I can not stand this place . I got a loan for my sister and help pay the loan as well. I am a little late and I do owe half of Oct payment $80.00 and Nov is not due until the end of the month which will be paid up then. But they called my cell phone twice, and 4 people I had on application for reference purpose only. I was upset b
ecause out of those references is my 88 year old grandmother who thought I was hurt or dead on how they called. I called them back and cussed them out for calling all these people for $80. I know people prob owe thousands!
After this loan is paid in full I hope they stay out of my life and go out of business!

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