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Something is fishy with spring leaf, check all payment records Read more

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Hi, may name is Jose, from Miami FL. I completed my final payment on my loan, over three weeks ago. my last remaining balance was 45 Cents. when the next payment due date came on, they charged me the whole monthly amount 118.63, instead of the .45C. I have call them several times, got hang up several times, more than 3 times after explaining my situation to several people..., I finally spoke to some one else, who said that the check was on the mail. This was over two weeks ago... I call again and they say it takes over two to three more weeks... Read more

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Springleaf asked for tax return and I was not approved. Add comment

Was told I was approved for auto loan and when I went in to sign papers was told they could not approve because I didn't make enough money, so was lied to. Read more

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The staff is very rude, unwilling to arrange payment options. Even called the Corporate office to file a complaint against local office and was told that I needed to call them and then hung up on!!!! Made my payments every month on time, local office said I missed payments and sent a letter, saying that they were going to pursue legal action. Also said they were going to garnish my wages. I went to office and showed proof that I paid, local office still calls me everyday saying that my account is past due. Will be going to BBB and other... Read more

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Last month i talked toba nicer agent then the one who is asigned to me and she told me thst if i made two payments of 271$ i would be out of cillections so that when april gets here all i will need to do was pay my regular payment if 165$. Well i made those payments like i said i would. Made the payment for 165$ on April 14th but, today April 24th the tow truck took my car! Im not understand what the heck is going on. Im sitting here lookung at my current bill and it says that i am not due until may 5th. Someone needs to get a hold of me and... Read more

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I got used auto loan from your company back in December . My wife and I have 760 plus credit . It was the day of the sale and your company sticks with a 29.57 percent interest on a 4600 dollar loan . I could not back out because it was the day of the auto sale . I have never been so mistreated . This is robbery . I plan to get legal action . I am stuck with paying almost in interest as the money I borrowed and we have excellent credit .I asked the Norristown Pa branch several times to contact my wife before the day of the sale with money... Read more

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This company has to be the worst ever. Employees are totally unprofessional, whereas one hung up the phone me. After they had told me I was approved and submitted a ton of paperwork, they said I did not make enough money when in the beginning I never lied on the application and put everything right. I really don't think this is any bodies worth the time. I am very upset because first they call you and tell you that you are approved and then they tell you, you will receive a letter declining your application. unfreaking belieaveble these... Read more

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This is the most unprofessional company ive ever witnessed. First there finance charges are sky high and there only there for you until they lock you into a loan. Try calling back they avoided my calls, lied and said the agent was at lunch several times. They used my truck which i only had 4 mos to pay off as collateral without my knowledge. I didnt find out until i tried to trade it in. When called they said they would work on a solution and i havent heard from them since that was over a month ago. Do not do business with them Read more

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When i borrowed money they had all the amounts wrong to pay everything off and i notice that they have their employees call you from their cell phone. That is pretty deceptive to me Read more

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