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Stay away from this company, if you're refinancing your home, their just a shill for sps servicing. You Will Regret It,read the complaints on this company

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I had a loan with my car. 1) Didn't tell me I needed full coverage ,got it.2)Had total losse on car,insurance called for pay off gave one amount and when they payed it ,said I owed more then the pay off . Called they gave me one amount and then they took more out of my account and said I owe more. That is stealing for people. You can't say one thing and do something else. I WOUID NEVER RECOMMEND THIS COMPANY? We work hard and they set and tell... Read more

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These people run scams!!! I took out a title loan and called to get a payoff amount. After paying over $200 a month for a year, my loan payoff amount was only $6 less than the original loan!!!!!! They take advantage of people in need and make their problems worse in the long run!!! Read more

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Bout a truck through them bought the medical insurance through them misstatements over a month and three weeks of work due to early symptoms of M S they would not honor Dr statment for f m l a days used coost me twenty-five dollars for Dr to fax it to them They sent a two truck drug the truck from my drive along with personal property in it and off it went so I am calling my lawyer and see if I can sue them for stealing state regerstard license... Read more

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So, I have a title loan. Yes, I reliaze it's a high debt to get in to but at the time I had no other choice. Now, I can deal with the payments being $157 a month. The length of time of the loan, is crazy but I figured I would get it paid off before I pay thousands more on what I actually borrowed. Okay so lets get to my complaint! When I was doing my contract and going over the extra insurance that I'm paying for, I was told that if the car... Read more

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Line of credit stayed and the amount went up bye itself even makeung payments no other banks I called said the principal would be the same never go up interesting a call to lawyer is close ! Read more

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I applied for loan on their wrbsite and was approved. It took several phone calls and twenty question for them to tell me, i couldn't get the loan. After website said i was approved. Read more

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I was so shocked that the employees of the Pikeville KY , Springleaf Financial office would post comments on a public form such as Facebook about there customers, the post was up for 1.5 hours before someone took down the post , I will never step foot back in there office in Pikeville KY, so Please stand against companies that do not monitored there employees I think this is so shameful. (This company is getting a very poor rating from this... Read more

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I had an account in a different state was a great experience always helpful and polite. I moved back home to Indiana and when I needed a loan I went to them, BIG MISTAKE. I also sent my daughter who was lied to and and disrespected, shes 23 and has one degree working on a second. Back to me, I was off work and could not pay I had the insurance for it but because I was on medical leave not eligible for unemployment they would do anything. Than if... Read more

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I was approved via Credit Karma for a loan of $5,000. I'm employed F/T with a home based business, which I only accept cash. The Rep from the establishment called Thursday(June 9th), and stated I would need colletral and managers approval. I have is an update car to use as colletral. However, the Rep did not call to commuincate that I would need to have proof of the extra income, per manager. I had to call the Rep almost a week later (June... Read more

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